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Sep 05

Would you like to be an NLP Trainer? Sign up now for free Master Classes

A lot of people who would like to be an NLP Trainer have been asking us for PSiNLP Trainer’s Training 2019 dates… and here they are:   Are you ready… To take your confidence to whole new level? To gather the tools to become a world-class presenter? To complete the NLP trilogy? To become a …

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Feb 08

How does a Master Trainer start the New Year? Reflections from Julie Silverthorn, International NLP Master Trainer

Have you set your goals for the New Year? You always have time to do so….  Deepak Chopra says, “At the level of the Higher Self  included in the Unconscious Mind in the NLP model) wishes  are born with a fulfillment in mind; problems are linked to solutions and intentions are already connected to results.”  What does …

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Sep 09

Can the mind be blind?

I wonder how many times you have heard clients or new students to NLP insist that they cannot visualise? Speaking to you as a trainer, I can imagine that you will often have calibrated the “non-visualiser” checking out their unconscious images.   In most cases the individual can learn to become aware of their internal …

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Sep 02

Class of 2016: NLP Trainer’s Training, what’s next?

As Summer draws to a close and I listen to the sound of the lawn mower cutting the grass it is time to reflect on the Class of 2016. We had an amazing group of students join us for our NLP Trainer’s Training summer intensive. A strong sense of team work developed as presentations were prepared …

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Jun 10

Free ebook: Powered by NLP (NLP Leadership Summit report)

  This free ebook was produced and edited by Joe Cheal on behalf of the NLP Leadership Summit that met in Alicante in January. Our intention in producing this book was to share the discussions and ideas prompted by our meeting. Download your copy by clicking on the link below: Powered by NLP ebook   …

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Oct 11

Meet the NLP Trainers: Julie Silverthorn, M.S.

Our NLP Trainer’s Training is led by three NLP Master Trainers, Julie Silverthorn, Melody Cheal and Joe Cheal. Earlier this year Julie was interviewed about her approach to NLP and her personal philosophy. Click on the link below to see it for yourself. Next year Julie will once again join Melody and Joe in …

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Apr 14

Choosing the right NLP Trainer’s Training course

Choosing your NLP Trainer’s Training Course Choosing an NLP Trainer’s Training provider is a big step. You are making an important investment and it is essential that you choose the right Institute for you. Here are a few pointers to help you consider where to make your investment. Why do you want to take NLP …

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Jan 20

Welcome to all our new followers

Thank you for joining us on this blog. Our intention is to build an interactive blog that helps new NLP Trainers develop. So to follow on from Julie’s first blog our next question for you: What is the difference between a linguistic presupposition and a mind read? I have now switched on the comments function. …

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Dec 04

Welcome to our new blog for NLP Trainer & student NLP Trainers

The purpose of this blog is to provide support and ideas for NLP Trainers and student NLP Trainers. We see this as an extension of our mentorship of PSiNLP graduates and students. If you are already an NLP Trainer or maybe you are thinking about taking the training to become one please sign up. The sign …

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Nov 27

2015 NLP Trainer’s Training and Certification

2015 NLP Trainer’s Training and Certification including Optional Hypnosis Trainer’s Certification 11-22 July 2015 through 23-25 July 2015 NLP Trainer’s Training: There are is still time to book with the Early, Early Bird Rate The Early, Early Bird Rate is still available until the end of December 2014, scroll down for more details. We very …

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