NLP Trainer Skills: Using peripheral vision

On our NLP Trainer’s Training one of the first things we “re-load” is the use of peripheral vision. This technique is introduced initially at Practitioner level and yet many Practitioners miss the value of this skill set.

Working one-to-one with a client, sensory acuity paired with peripheral vision allows the NLP Practitioner to gather data about the client’s physiology and possible state. Using this information the skilled NLP Practitioner is able to tailor their approach to the subjective experience of their client.

Peripheral vision is employed in many other fields due to its value for data gathering (for example when I took the training in Micro-expressions this was a key component). Other applications include advanced driving, martial arts and wildlife study and photography.

As an NLP Trainer, you will want to apply peripheral vison to help you “read” the group dynamics, calibrate individuals and maintain your own “Trainer state”. web IMG_0113_edited-3

With very large audiences you will start to notice an almost lyrical ebb and flow within the group and even with smaller groups you will begin to notice who the “unconscious leaders” of the group are. Recognising the unconscious leader allows the elegant NLP Trainer to pace learning and state management more effectively. This in turn increases the level of group rapport and creates a supportive environment that maximises transformation.

To develop your use of peripheral vision in preparation for NLP Trainer’s Training we recommend the following:

  • Practice peripheral vision when working one to one. This will help you condition your abilities so that you automatically use your peripheral vision.
  • When walking in busy environments notice the patterns you observe when you use peripheral vision and then compare to foveal vision.
  • If you attend meetings or gatherings, start noticing BMIRs (Behavioural manifestations of internal representations).
  • If you are already a Trainer or regularly present, use your peripheral vision to track the audience.

At our NLP Trainer’s Training we will help you take this to the next level. If you would like to join us for a free taster session, contact Melody for details of our NLP Trainer’s Training Master Classes.