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attendThank you for joining us on this blog. Our intention is to build an interactive blog that helps new NLP Trainers develop. So to follow on from Julie’s first blog our next question for you: What is the difference between a linguistic presupposition and a mind read?

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NLP Trainer’s Training: Projecting a professional image

Julie2  Recently I was monitoring a training and presentation small group. Four participants and I were already seated when the “trainer” walked into the room. As soon as he entered he exclaimed, “Wow, a harem!” What presuppositions can you identify in his statements?

In a professional setting as the one we were in, and as NLP Trainers ourselves, every communication which we express creates an internal representation in our listening audience. Therefore, as much as possible we want every (universal quantifier) communication to be purposeful. As Trainers, we want our communication to be consistent and aligned toward the achievement of the audience’s goals, i.e. of learning, transforming and developing particular skills. So given the presuppostions in this paragraph, how would you relate to the Trainers comments: “Wow, a harem!”

As Trainers, we are dedicated to our own self-development and actualization. We hopefully take great care in what remarks we make—even off the cuff—to make sure they take the listener further in their own experience. We also want to be aware of our own processes at the unconscious level. What does that mean? A statement such as the one I used in my example could indicate the individual’s unconscious issues which he may be unaware of, or if aware, perhaps not worked through or “cleaned up.” We all have issues of some type, so the question is do we resolve those issues, or at least keep them in check when we are in a professional setting or do we let them “leak out” because we don’t know better or haven’t been committed to our own personal development? Considering all of this what feedback would you have provided to this Trainer and how would you have structured your comments? Z Rainbow 2


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