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Calibrating vulnerability in clients or students

As an NLP Trainer, our ability to recognise vulnerability in our students is a key skill set. So exactly how do you do it while running courses such as NLP Practitioner? This is just as important for the NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Therapist when working with clients. One place to start is with a conscious …

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Part 2: Humour and Permission

In terms of how I use humour with a group (or with individuals in the group), I now believe that the crux point is ‘permission’. Some of that permission is in the group expressing a desire to enjoy the event. Some of that permission is gained as the course develops. Some people can be teased …

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Pacing and Leading Humour

 A trainer stands at the front of the room and starts the course with a joke. Upon delivering the punch-line the audience is silent… Imaginary tumbleweed drifts across the room… Awkward.  Effective trainers (and indeed presenters) seem to build and maintain two things with an audience… and misplaced (or mistimed) humour can potentially destroy both …

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