Defining linguistic presuppositions and mind reads


To finish off our first thread we thought it would be useful to share a couple of definitions taken from Julie’s book “Training Trances”. As a new NLP Trainer it is essential that you make sure you are clear about definitions.

“Presupposition – the linguistic equivalent of assumptions.”

“Mind read – claiming to know someone else’s internal process (thoughts and feelings) without identifying the process or sensory-based data that was used to determine the information.”

Consider your own responses to the scenario we offered you last week. Notice how accurate you were in identifying presuppositions versus mind reads. Also notice any emotional reactions you had about any of this exercise.

All of this is important for the NLP Trainer. We need to be aware of how we are projecting ourselves and how we are reacting to our environment. As an NLP Trainer you will be managing your state, noticing your filters and taking in sensory based data about your audience. Where appropriate you might need to check beyond this data using meta model questions that allow you to clarify.