Did you know changing External Sub-modalities can transform your internal experience?

This morning I have been watching a programme called “Edwardian Britain in Colour”.

Old black and white film has had colour added digitally. I’m noticing an interesting internal experience within myself. Each reel starts off in black and white and then suddenly becomes colour.

I find myself being drawn in and feeling connected. The topics and storytelling are engaging in and of themselves and yet this digital change is causing a visceral response.

The most compelling moment was watching Emily Wilding Davison throw herself in front of the King’s horse to draw attention to the Suffragette Movement. I have seen this clip many times in black and white. I thought I was connected to it already and yet in colour the emotional response I felt was more than ten times stronger.

In NLP changing internal sub-modalities often drives the change work models. I am wondering how changing external sub-modalities could be harnessed to aid in psychological healing in a similar way.

How do you think this could be applied?