What happened at Training Trances Advanced Hypnosis 2018?

This year we decided to focus on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training with two  advanced programmes to take our students to the next level. Students travelled from USA, Croatia and from across the UK.

The Co-Trainer’s for both programmes were Julie Silverthorn, Master Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP, and Melody Cheal, Master Trainer of NLP and Trainer of Hypnosis. Both Trainers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. They both hold two University Degrees in Psychology, plus a wealth of other psychology based qualifications.

Julie has worked extensively helping  people boost their natural ability to heal conditions such as  Cancer. Melody has specialised in working with survivors of childhood abuse, a major cause of PTSD.

During the first week they introduced the students to the power of Hypnosis to assist in healing issues such as Cancer, Auto-immune diseases and PTSD.  Content was drawn from the original works of Milton Erickson, Positive Psychology, latest research and sources such as Bernie Seigel and Deepak Chopra.

Students had the opportunity to observe Julie working directly with a client who is currently in the process of healing from Cancer. The case study included three observed sessions with the client demonstrating what information to gather and then how to work supportively co-creating processes that moved the client forward.

The second week was devoted to training the next generation of Hypnotherapy Trainers and thus spreading more resources around the world.