How to choose an NLP Training Provider

There are many challenges facing students in their choice of an NLP school. For people new to the field it can be quite confusing. There are just as many challenges for those looking to move into NLP training as a career.
Here are a few headline topics for your research:

  1. What are the trainer’s credentials? Is there a clear lineage within the field? What other qualifications and experience do they have? (I will expand on this further in the next blog).
  2. How is the course structured and is there an independent form of accreditation in addition to the schools own certificates?
  3. How many hours of face to face contact does the course involve? Be cautious of any course claiming to provide you with full training in a fraction of the time.
  4. Are the trainers prepared to talk to you prior to the training? How accessible are they?
  5. What are the values and mission of the school?
  6. What kind of ongoing support is provided to students?
  7. Are there genuine testimonials and references provided?

If you would like to find out more about my credentials do check out my two NLP websites and . I co-train with fellow Master Trainers Joe Cheal and Julie Silverthorn.

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