How does Hypnosis benefit conditions such as IBS?

Although most clinical trials involving Hypnosis are small there is mounting evidence that Hypnosis can be beneficial for issues such as pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, asthma, obesity and psoriasis.

A particularly useful study was carried out by Peter Whorwell of the University of Manchester. He wanted to find out if suffers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) would respond to Hypnosis.

The results were very promising and some of the patients were able toreduce the contractions of their bowel and the lining of their bowel became less sensitive to pain. This is something not normally considered to be under conscious control.

As a result of this study the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have recognised Hypnosis as a possible treatment for IBS.

Although scientifically it still isn’t clear how Hypnosis works what does seem to be clear are the number of people who seem able to influence parts of their body under Hypnosis. There is a considerable body of anecdotal evidenceof the efficacy of Hypnosis to help with issues such as PTSD and cancer. While it is certain more clinical evidence is needed the power of Hypnosis in healing is very positive.

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