Hypnosis Training Testimonials

I liked the content…the exercises…the scope of training…the team unity of the shared journey. Thank You! Patricia Greenhough, New Zealand

Learning was easy to follow and understand. Wonderfully captivating and all delivered in a safe environment. Loved it all! Alison Ashley, England

…Wonderful delivery of the highest standard of hypnosis… Sandy Pye-Smith, England

Where do I start? The course met all my objectives!! Kept me curious and hungry to learn more…I learnt so much hypnosis and how to raise my game as a Trainer… Anietie Eka, England

The structure, fun, skills, joy of the training, the well thought out pace… Mike Shreeve, England

….The energy, the flow …the experience. Everything!! Eva Storm, Belgium

I loved the freedom you gave the group to cover what was important to each individual….each topic was fully explained… and double checked …It was a comprehensive training. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kerry Jones, England

Everything! …..the feedback will stay with me and was beneficial. Rosie Toner, Ireland