Free ebook: Powered by NLP (NLP Leadership Summit report)


Edited by Joe Cheal

Edited by Joe Cheal

This free ebook was produced and edited by Joe Cheal on behalf of the NLP Leadership Summit that met in Alicante in January.

Our intention in producing this book was to share the discussions and ideas prompted by our meeting.

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Michael Hall has been instrumental in bringing this group together, here is what he has to say about the Leadership Summit and this book. (hard copies are available).


“The 38 NLP leaders who gathered in Alicante Spain in January this year made a decision to record the experience and send it out world-wide.  Joe Cheal headed up the project, gathering in all of the documents, editing them, and putting them into a book form.  This fits very well for Joe as he has written two NLP books and has edited Acuity  magazine (an NLP magazine) for six or more years.


The sign that a group of people are collaborating effectively is that even without an Organization they can demonstrate high quality productivity.  And this ebook is an example of that.


The NLP Leadership Summit as we designed it from the beginning is not an Association, is not a super-association, and is not trying to create an Association.  Instead it is a world-wide invitation for all NLP Leaders (trainers, writers, researchers, etc.) who have been in the field 15 to 20 years to gather together and associate!  Our belief is that by associating we get to know each other, hear each other, start to understand each other and stop all of the dysfunctional demonizing of people who do NLP different from us.


NLP Leaders

The website,   is another example of our productivity.  If you go there you will see how we have collaborated on a basic definition of NLP, values, ethics, etc.  And if you are leading people into this field and many people consider you as a leader and you have been in the field 15 or more years, and you can “sign off” on the definitions on the website, then apply on the website or write to me ( to be considered.  It is best if one of the hundred-plus persons on the list there can recommend you.


Joe Cheal ( wrote that he would like this book to be a communication tool to the NLP Community across the world and to promote that he has offered it free of charge.  How about that!!  There will be physical copies made.  If you want to order 10 or more, then write to Joe about that.  Because of the printing costs and postage, they will probably sell at 5 pounds (something like $8 each plus postage) from the UK.  I am looking into printing them as well and will inform you about that if that comes to pass.”