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A lot of people who would like to be an NLP Trainer have been asking us for PSiNLP Trainer’s Training 2019 dates… and here they are:


Are you ready…

  • To take your confidence to whole new level?
  • To gather the tools to become a world-class presenter?
  • To complete the NLP trilogy?
  • To become a Certified Trainer of NLP?


We believe that a personal development course begins as soon as you make the choice to sign up. In the same way, PSiNLP Trainer’s Training begins as soon as you decide to join us. And we can help to make sure that your journey begins immediately…

Here are three eminently good reasons to sign up early:

  1. For starters, you will get an NLP Trainer’s Training audio set that will begin your learning journey and whet your appetite for the main course in July 2019,
  2. You will be entitled to join a quarterly NLP master-class leading up to NLP Trainer’s Training,
  3. You will get a monthly self-learning activity to help you prepare at the profoundest level… for NLP Trainer’s Training.

Julie Silverthorn, NLP Master Trainer


The doorway to NLP Trainer’s Training 2019 is now open…

all you have to do is step through!

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