How does a Master Trainer start the New Year? Reflections from Julie Silverthorn, International NLP Master Trainer

J Silverthorn webHave you set your goals for the New Year? You always have time to do so….

 Deepak Chopra says, “At the level of the Higher Self  included in the Unconscious Mind in the NLP model) wishes  are born with a fulfillment in mind; problems are linked to solutions and intentions are already connected
to results.” 

What does this mean from an NLP point of view?

It presupposes that whatever we want or desire (our goals and value) is already linked to its actualization at some point in the future.

He teaches a technique called “Seeding your Intention” and every New Year I do this with my own goals and values.

In the past we’ve taught Secret of Creating your Future with Tad James and Discover your Life Course in January so that participants could elicit their goals and values and install them in their future timeline. They would also write them down so they could look back on their successes.

So every year whether I teach one of those seminars or not, I take time to go into a meditative state and visualize my goals. I break them down into personal and business goals and I do them one month at a time. I simply hold the image of my goal in my mind until it begins to dissipate and then I let what’s left of it float down and install itself into my timeline. I have
found over the last twenty years that this yields surprising easy and fulfilling results, even if it doesn’t work out exactly as I had imagined—-sometimes it works out even better!

I then also write my monthly goals down in my journal and check them at the end of the year. All of the research shows that writing down your goals leads to a higher rate of fulfillment!

So here’s to a bright, peaceful and prosperous 2017 from us at PSINLP!

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