NLP Trainer’s Training: Balancing theory and learning.

MelodyRecently I was asked to give feedback on a coaching training programme. The female trainer was charming, professional and knowledgeable. She built good rapport with the group and was easy to get on with. Her presentation style was in the main good, her voice well-modulated and easy to listen to. Unfortunately the course structure was less helpful. She used a confusing number of Power Point slides often showing 5 slides where one would do. This caused her to skip through them very quickly not allowing her students to process the information. Added to this the content was theory heavy with only 2 short exercises to break up the input in a two day workshop. The workshop did not include any kind of workbook or manual. As a result many of the students were left confused and unsure. The take away knowledge was low with most of this attached to the exercise on day one. What do you already know about how to structure training sessions to optimize student learning?