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Hypnosis Trainer’s Training 2018 with Master Trainers, Julie Silverthorn and Melody Cheal

We are a diverse group of Educators, Trainers and Hypnotherapists who are committed to excellence, high standards and impeccable ethics within the field of Hypnosis. We are dedicated to advancing the field while teaching people to go deeper in their process of trusting their unconscious minds. Julie Silverthorn, co-author of Training Trances and her UK business partner, Melody Cheal, have joined together to carry on the spirit and teachings of Training Trances, named “One of the best Hypnosis Books of the decade.” by

Dr Erickson insightfully remarked, “Your patients (clients) are your patients (clients) because they are not in rapport with their unconscious mind.”

What does this mean? It means that the structure of a problem is unresourcefulness. Since the unconscious mind contains all of the resources, then “unresourcefulness” can only occur because something is blocking the free flow of communication between the conscious and unconscious minds; hence, they are no longer in rapport with their unconscious mind.

Our role is to assist our clients in experiencing a resourceful level of trance, so they can fully connect with all of their abilities, to resolve that issue and create the life they want!

We here at PSiHypnosis have very gratifying careers and so will you as you go deeper in your process of unconscious rapport and assisting others to do the same. We hope to see you soon…Julie & Melody

We are also accredited with one of the largest and well-known International Hypnosis Associations. Your Training and Certification with PSiHypnosis may allow eligibility for ABH membership. Please contact them directly for the most current standards and requirements.


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