PSiNLP Trainer’s Training


Introducing our new modular format

Module One: Introduction to NLP Trainer’s Training (2 days)

Module Two: Professional NLP Speaker (4 days)

Module Three: Advanced Professional NLP Speaker (4 days)

Module Four: NLP Trainer’s Training and Certification (6 days)

Here are some questions answered to get you started. Please contact us with any further questions and/or to register interest.

TTWho are the Trainers?

What is their Approach to Trainer’s Training?

Who may Attend?

What is Included in Trainer’s Training?

What is Included in Certification…?

What Requirements do you have regarding Trainer Ethics?

What is Hypnosis Trainer Certification and How do I Qualify?

What are the Best Ways to Prepare?

What is the investment?

When, Where and How Long?