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The Meaning of Integrity

I hear a lot of people talking about integrity and about having integrity. What is the meaning of integrity? Since it is a nominalisation, do we all share the same definition? To answer these questions I suggest we start by looking at some dictionary definitions: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles: …

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Transformation Occurs At the Edge of Our Map

Julie Silverthorn, International Master Trainer and co-author of best selling “Training Trances” What is the purpose of training from an NLP perspective? Note: The number of answers to this will correspond directly to the number of trainers teaching NLP—each will have his or her own answer for this! Taking this into account, I’d like to …

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Defining linguistic presuppositions and mind reads

To finish off our first thread we thought it would be useful to share a couple of definitions taken from Julie’s book “Training Trances”. As a new NLP Trainer it is essential that you make sure you are clear about definitions. “Presupposition – the linguistic equivalent of assumptions.” “Mind read – claiming to know someone …

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