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Julie Silverthorn, M.S.
Melody Cheal, MSc.
Joe Cheal, MSc.

Founding Member

Georgie Weese, BA





Christian Wasinger    



Toni Babic                    



Ole Conrad Kondrup 

Michael Kjaersgaard



David Fahmy               

Mostafa Saleh            



Clodagh Sarah Beaty


The Netherlands

Raymond Honings     


United Kingdom

Dr Emma Allende      

Joanne Calladine Evans

Anne Clube                 

Richard G. Cockell     

Joanne Coulson         

Dr Graham Dexter    

Peter Farthing            

Joanna Harper           

Andrew Holland         

Emma McNally          

Nicky McNeill             

Karen Moxom            

Shirley Mutter.          

Cris Saudella             

Amanda Teale            



United States

Jeremiah Rangel       

Christian Wasinger    



 Class of 2011


Delegate Feedback

Very well structured programme, excellent organisation. High level of integrity in the trainers. I achieved much more than I expected thanks to the professionalism of the trainers who are masters in bringing out excellence in anybody. Definitely a training at the leading edge of thought. As a doctor this training has improved my communication skills with staff and patients. I have developed a deeper understanding of the concept of rapport and I’m confident about finding resources within myself to deal with less than easy patients.
Dr. Emma Allende

The best training I have experienced in my whole life – it was phenomenal, the layering of teaching, activities, feedback has been intense, challenging and completely supportive. To meet trainers who are experts in their field and really “walk their talk” has been both refreshing and inspirational.                                                                                                                                          Joanne Calladine-Evans


2013-07-27 17.25.36


This was the most challenging adventure yet! The training was so well structured from day 1 right through to assessment with unfaltering support, encouragement, very positive IR’s! It is just wonderful, marvellous and fun. It has been the most wonderfully rewarding experience. I will highly recommend GWiz, Melody and Joe to all. The materials are thorough, the location great. I enjoy the informal environment and just love being here. If anybody is thinking of completing NLP Trainer’s Training this is the best there is (in my book).

Jo Coulson

The training has been excellent- far exceeded my expectations. It has been the perfect blend of theory and practice (lots of practice) with excellent feedback and support.
Clodagh Beaty

I learned so much! The training was very well structured. We took learnings we had and built up to a transformational experience. Great job PSiNLP!
Toni Babic

Jeff Brighton plus TT2015 edited

Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for and needed. A little intense the last 5 days for me, however I know I need to be pushed in order to grow. Well done with so much love, support and kindness.                                                        Jeremiah Rangel

Very well structured programme. The information was built on very cleverly and in appropriate digestible chunk sizes. Good mix of learning and breakout sessions. High integrity and ethics at all times demonstrated.
Nicky McNeill

I enjoyed every second of it, in many ways and on so many levels I felt supported and nurtured whilst being stretched to my full potential and inspired to continue to develop and grow.   Joanna Harper

Wonderful set up… Great positive learning environment and support by all the trainers and fellow students. Great to see how everyone is doing the best to live and embody the presupps of NLP in their lives and not just talk about it.
Christian Wasinger

You are congruent, loving people with very clear visions, missions and value… will do my best to follow you in the future and to spread the message.
Ole Conrad Kondrup

Not easy! Very thorough! Very supportive, positive, systematic.

Dr Graham Dexter

It has been a revelation to me to discover what I am capable of and remind me that maybe I knew already deep down that I had the resources. Apart from the beginning of a true transformation.                                                                                                                                   Amanda Teale


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