Transformation Occurs At the Edge of Our Map


Julie Silverthorn, International Master Trainer

and co-author of best selling “Training Trances”

What is the purpose of training from an NLP perspective? Note: The number of answers to this will correspond directly to the number of trainers teaching NLP—each will have his or her own answer for this!

Taking this into account, I’d like to say that one purpose of training is to create personal “transformation” within our student’s experience. Since we believe that transformation occurs at the edge of our map, then training must be about expanding the maps we live by so we have more choices and possibilities in various areas of our lives.

How specifically, can I assist a student in transforming their map? Simply by “stacking and sequencing internal representations through my language” (note: again this is just one answer in an infinite sea of possibilities). What does stacking and sequencing mean? It means me using, deliberately and intentionally, positive internal representation repeatedly in my conversation to stack and sequence a more expansive map for the student. Some students come into NLP believing that they are “not smart” or “can’t learn.” Many have had less than positive learning experiences in the past and now their unconscious minds motivates them to join a positive environment to change their beliefs and heal past trauma.

My role as a trainer is to provide them and their unconscious mind with positive real life Be Brilliant today shine on in every wayexperiences in training that challenge and replace this old limited belief. Take the students response of “I can’t learn.” Stacking and sequencing might be something like: “So you are saying ‘You can not learn, is that right?’ Student “What?” as they process. “When did you decide that you can….not learn?” Follow-up from Trainer as they are accessing internally: “When did you learn that….that you can….not learn? So you can learn, isn’t that right? If they answer this question in any way, it presupposes that they can learn.

You can also stack and sequence internal representations that they can learn by asking “When did you decide that, not consciously but unconsciously?” And now if they answer you have them set up for some type of time line process to heal or blow out the old limited belief just by stacking and sequencing your language to loosen their map/model of the world.

And doing all this as a demo in front of the group makes the transformation very powerful for TrainingTrancesthe student, you as the trainer and all those observing! Think about it now and read back through all the positive internal representations that are stacked in this blog for you when you thought you were just reading about a student-trainer linguistic intervention! Consider that…now! Not sure how this works? Then join us for NLP Trainers Training July 2016, East Sussex UK.