What is included in the Certification & Evaluation Segment?





The Certification and Evaluation segment is a three day process. Day one is the test. Days 2-3 include one demonstration day and one presentation day. Participants really enjoy the demonstration day because it is very much like a teaching day.




Certification and Evaluation includes:

1. A comprehensive closed book exam of traditional NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner information. The Trainer’s Certification policy requires that you pass this test with a minimum grade of 70% to continue with the Evaluation & Certification. WHEN YOU REGISTER YOU WILL RECEIVE A DETAILED LIST OF SUBJECT AREAS TO STUDY FOR THE TEST. This information is available only for those who are enrolled in certification and evaluation. We cannot release this information on the Internet.

2. A demonstration of a NLP technique upon request. You must do a satisfactory demonstration, which receives a passing grade to continue with certification and evaluation. You will receive a list of possible “classic NLP” demonstrations during the training.

3. One presentation on approved NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Master Practitioner material content. You are required to present content material that is comprehensible, accurate and chunked into the 4-mat system. You must also maintain a resourceful state throughout your presentation to be certified.

4. For Hypnosis Trainer, you will need to prepare and deliver one hypnosis presentation and one hypnosis demonstration.

What are the Benefits of Evaluation and Certification?

  • Recognition as a Certified NLP Trainer.
  • Recognition as a Certified Intrinsic NLP Trainer.
  • Eligibility as an approved Time Alignment Processes™ Institute.
  • Eligibility to qualify as an PSiNLP Certified Coach.
  • Eligibility to certify NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners.
  • Eligibility to use Neuro-Energetics’ and GWiz Learning’s NLP Practitioner Training Series MP3’s to run popular, accelerated trainings.
  • Eligibility to become a Neuro-Energetics and GWiz Learning Distributor.
  • Eligibility to become an ABNLP and ANLP approved NLP Institute.