What is included in the PSiNLP Trainer’s Training?

Core Skills are the heart and soul of the training and are primarily presentation skills. In addition to this we offer a number of optional Specialties segments focusing on specific applications of NLP aimed at helping you get started in your own NLP training business.

includedCore Skills include:

  • State elicitation and anchoring of the best training states to ensure easy learning
  • How trainers use chaining
  • Structure of charisma
  • Nested loops
  • Embedded commands
  • Ethical use of hypnosis in NLP trainings
  • How to communicate directly with the unconscious mind in the learning context
  • How to include the conscious mind to ensure balance
  • Stage anchoring
  • Energy …using your inner “Chi” to touch others
  • Use of energy in the room
  • Metaphor and storytelling
  • Format system: why, what, how, what if
  • How to do intro seminars
  • How to set up and do NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner Trainings
  • How to develop your training style to attract students to your trainings
  • How to read and facilitate natural group process
  • Learn how to communicate on multiple levels simultaneously
  • How to motivate your audience
  • Sliding Auditory Anchors and Voice Flexibility
  • Casteneda’s “stopping the world state” and uptime trance
  • The secrets to doing great demonstrations
  • En-“trancing” your audience so they’re in the “flow” state
  • Satir categories and the use of physiology
  • Learn to use presuppositions to handle questions
  • How to handle mis-matchers and hecklers


During the training, we incorporate a very special experience which becomes a parallel metaphor for learning new skills.

There will also be additional optional sessions to review NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material.

Sample Topics include:

  • How to Start a Successful NLP Business
  • Advertising & Marketing NLP
  • Strategies for Getting in the Corporate Door
  • Defining Yourself and Your Niche
  • Making Your Own Products
  • Writing a Book

What presentations will I make during Trainer’s Training?

During NLP Trainer’s Training, you will present two formal, 30-45 minute presentations. To make these fun, we suggest that you pick two topics that you already know well, so that you can focus on your presentation skills. Pick your topics before you come to the training and research them thoroughly.

Examples of topics which you can easily prepare at home are: Predicates, Resource Anchor, Collapsing Anchors, Introduction to Submodalities, Swish Pattern, Visual Acuity, Auditory Acuity, Eye Accessing Cues, Rapport/Physiology, Voice Matching, Outcomes, Introduction to Values, MetaPrograms (not to exceed 3), Introduction to Strategies/TOTE, Meta Model (not to exceed 3), and Milton Model (not to exceed 3). Pick a topic that is comfortable for you and that you have taught before or at least explained to someone.

You’ll need to prepare approximately 20 minutes of solid content for your topics. We will be teaching new material at the training which you will use to complete the additional 15-30 minutes of your presentation. During the Evaluation & Certification, it would be ideal for you to pick another presentation topic, so you’ll have a fresh topic for this section. Although, your new topic may be closely related to the topics you used in the NLP Trainer’s Training segment.

If you would like to complete your Hypnotherapy Trainer’s Training you will also need to prepare an additional presentation using content from Hypnosis training. The format is the same as above.