What is Intrinsic NLP?

IntrinsicIntrinsic, when applied to you as a human being, refers to your ‘true, real and pure self’.

  • Whilst some people have to play a role or portray a mask to the world, your intrinsic nature is true in the sense that you are being authentic. As well as considering the welfare of others, your motivation comes first and foremost from within. And with this you own your behaviours, your beliefs, your values, your goals and your outcomes.
  • Whilst some people act out a fantasy of who they are, your intrinsic nature is real in the sense that you are being yourself. When you are ‘being real’ you are aligned with your values, trusting your internal moral compass.
  • Whilst some people suppress and depress who they are, your intrinsic nature is pure in the sense that you are prepared to express and be influenced by your inner light, your life force, your spirit.

And here is the wonderful paradox of the intrinsic nature of who you are: the more you live who you really are (i.e. your intrinsic self), the more you can be there for others. The more you get your own ‘stuff’ out of the way, the more you will value yourself and others.

Intrinsic NLP recognises that our true self has a natural drive to be positive and when we connect with our intrinsic core we are able to tap into that drive. We believe that we all have value and worth and that when we recognise that in ourselves and in others we are able to facilitate positive change in our own lives and in the lives of those we come into contact with. As a result values such as self-respect, compassion and clarity are promoted. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is based on the premise that as more of our needs are met we are more able to focus our energy on self actualisation. Using iNLP we can address beliefs, states, behaviours and experiences that relate to unmet needs; and in clearing associated issues we can access our intrinsic core. As trainers this is particularly important, in order to support the development of others we need to remain self-aware to allow us to operate from our intrinsic nature.