What is the Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™?

PSIAs a result of the increasing recognition and growth of Humanistic NLP,  Julie Silverthorn  co-founded the International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ in 1998. INHNLP’s mission is to provide a network of collaboration, mentorship and research for certified NLP & HNLP Trainers who embrace Humanistic and spiritual values in their work and their lives. In 2010 the Positive School of Intrinsic NLP was formed by Julie Silverthorn, Melody Cheal and Joe Cheal in order to continue the journey, building on and expanding the ideas proposed by INHNLP. Being a part of PSiNLP will identify you with the leading edge in NLP.

In recent decades the Positive Psychology movement has risen to prominence with the focus on what is right with people rather than what is wrong with them. The founders of
the Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (PSiNLP) all hold degrees in Psychology and are NLP Master Trainers and so bring a synthesis of ideas from both fields.

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It is our mission to inspire the next generation of NLP trainers and to encourage them to set standards and ethics in their NLP practice that reflect values of self respect and respect for others, compassion and clarity of purpose.

By embracing our intrinsic nature, we can all take another step toward self actualisation. PSiNLP acknowledges that our perceptions of others will affect how we interact with them. Our perceptions may support or hinder others in being their ‘true, real and pure self’ and hence we seek to hold a positive internal representation of others in allowing them to be their best when they are with us.



Membership in PSiNLP provides:

Z Rainbow 2Full approval as a PSiNLP Institute

Use of the official Network seal for your Institutes’ certifications

Valuable on-line support

Participation in research and development efforts and support for your contributions to the fields of NLP and iNLP

A membership directory