What is unique about the PSiNLP Trainer’s Training (TT)?

UniqueJulie has been involved in Trainers Training for over 25 years and Melody and Joe have been involved in NLP since 1993 so together we have amassed considerable experience. For us it is important that we provide support and development for new trainers that will empower them to be the best version of themselves. With this in mind we have put together a learning package designed to do exactly that. Since we haven’t experienced other people’s NLP Trainer’s Trainings recently, we can only comment on what we do.

And what did we want to make sure you still got?

Before we tell you about the changes, rest assured that we’ve kept the best and added refinements. You will still qualify as a trainer of HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) as well as PSiNLP. On completion of the course and assessment, you will be certified under both schools at no extra charge.

In addition to this you will also receive an NLP Trainer certification from the ANLP and an introductory membership. The ANLP is the UK based independent and international professional body leading the way in raising standards in NLP.

Even more value from PSiNLP

We are now offering you the chance to add Hypnotherapy Trainer to your portfolio. You will need to have an appropriate hypnotherapist and master hypnotherapist qualification through a recognised provider of hypnotherapy. We can help you upgrade hypnotherapist qualifications if necessary to qualify. We charge a small fee for this.

If you completed your hypnotherapy training with either Melody or Julie you will automatically be eligible.

Some of the changes we have implemented:

1. Personal Attention: We limit the size of our trainings so that participants have personal time with us and so that we aren’t in the position of certifying trainers who we haven’t had a chance to see.

2. Our Approach to Training: Our purpose as trainers is to serve; so we do our best (and we’re not perfect) to make sure that things run smoothly and participants get what they want. One of our main goals is to insure the trainers’ comfort during the training (because nervousness has been reported in the past!). Our IR for each Trainer is that they will be certified at the end of the training. So if you do what’s asked and act “as if” you’ll be fine…and a Certified Trainer, too!

3. Personal Coaching: We offer personal coaching for our Trainers (we refer to the participants as “Trainers” as of the first day). Each participant may have scheduled time with their coach to plan and present their presentation before they do it in class. Coaches are not required. However, we want people to take TT who are really ready for the experience and we like people to integrate the NLP knowledge before TT rather than during it. If a trainer appears “light” on content then we may recommend that they work with a coach, if they want to be certified.

4. Accelerated Learning: Accelerated learning principles are a vital part of the PSiNLP’s Trainer’s Training environment. We use unique, unconventional parallel learning experiences to stimulate creativity and synergy. They are opportunities to model excellence so that the participants learn how to think like an NLP Trainer, not just teach what others have taught them.

5. Specialty Sessions: The main part of our Training is called Core Skills. We thought that one missing piece of our TT experience was meeting certified trainers who were already successful in NLP and finding out how they did it. With this in mind some optional Specialty sessions will be offered giving tips on setting up your own NLP business.

6. Making Products: We do a segment on products to get participants started in their NLP business. We believe that to create a niche in NLP, our trainers need to be seen as experts. One way of being recognized as an expert is to have products such as a book, a series of tapes or articles, etc.

7. Content Review Sessions for Test: We provide participants with a content sheet to study for the TT Certification Test. There are approximately 34 content areas listed and to be certified, participants need to be familiar with those and score at least 70% on the test. We offer 2 review sessions to assist students with preparation for the exam. All NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner material is reviewed with plenty of time for questions. Our students have reported that this is very valuable in supporting them. We have experienced the mean score on the exam rising over 15 points on average since we offered these sessions. The review sessions are optional and are offered at no cost. We recommend that you still make sure you have studied practitioner and master practitioner thoroughly before NLP Trainer’s Training as we expect you to have a good understanding of NLP theory, techniques and patterns.

8. Membership Affiliations: We offer membership eligibility in 4 associations: ABNLP (The American Board of NLP); ANLP (the British NLP Association); CANLP (the Canadian Association of NLP); and The Positive School of iNLP, which is our association. Trainers who are certified by AZ Seminars, Inc. and GWiz Learning automatically become members of PSiNLP, whose mission is: “Developing our intrinsic nature in service to others through the exchange of energy and information leading to self-actualization.” This reflects the basic presupposition of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ that Energy and Intention equal creation.

9. Training Environment: Why UK? Why Sussex? Firstly, we are situated in a beautiful and peaceful space with views across Ashdown Forest. Sussex is well placed just south of London with good rail, road and air links. By locating here we believe we are offering an accessible venue for UK and Europe. We are situated about 40 minutes away from Gatwick airport and there are train stations nearby. For those of you considering extending your trip we are about 15 minutes car drive away from historic Royal Tunbridge Wells and 40 minutes from Brighton and Lewes. London is a short train ride away and the south coast is within easy reach. For more info about the area click here.