What requirements do you have regarding Trainer Ethics?

EthicsThe following is an example of the PSiNLP Ethics agreement:


In acceptance of my Certification as a Trainer of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Intrinsic NLPsychology™ , I understand and agree to the following:

1. I will do my best to serve as a professional role model for students and participants in all my trainings.

2. I will do my best to model and integrate the presuppositions of NLP and the Positive School of Intrinsic NLP (PSiNLP).

3. I will take great care in teaching others and create a positive learning environment which respects individuals and their learning styles.

4. I understand that as a Trainer I will be viewed as an authority. I will not use this position to gain an unfair advantage with students/participants or a means for creating business, financial or sexual gains for my sole benefit.

5. I agree, that if my teaching relationship is the primary relationship with an individual, I will act ethically to support this relationship. If a dual relationship occurs, I will do my best to balance my training relationship with the additional relationship. If my relationship in a dual relationship is not in integrity, I will take responsibility to contact the appropriate resource person to make the necessary changes.

6. I will do my best to conduct business in the marketplace in a truthful, honest manner, always seeking a “win/win” for all parties.

7. I will advertise myself in an honest, forthright manner and will not make claims about myself which are not true. Therefore, I will only advertise myself as a member of an organization if I belong to the organization and have paid my association fees.

8. I will not knowingly plagiarize another person’s work and, when borrowing from the work of others, I will give proper credit as a professional courtesy.

9. I will have published policies for refunds and reviews and will handle any financial issues in the most ethical manner possible.

10. I will protect the confidentiality of my students/participants and therapy clients, unless it is legally imperative that I make a disclosure or have been given written permission to do so.

11. I acknowledge that as a Certified NLP/PSiNLP Trainer, I may use the terms and teach the materials referred to as the “Time-Alignment Processes.” I agree to do this in a professional and ethical manner. No fees, commissions or royalties are due from me as compensation for the right to use these materials. However, before teaching these materials, I acknowledge that I have been trained directly by PSiNLP in these techniques and if I have not, I will purchase one copy of each for my professional education before imparting the material to others. I further acknowledge that I may continue to use these materials, unless requested to discontinue by PSiNLP. PSiNLP reserves the sole right to request, for any reason, that I no longer use or teach these materials. Acceptance of this agreement is acknowledgement that I will discontinue teaching these techniques and using these terms, if requested to do so.

12. Supplements to Manuals: I understand that I may use written, copyrighted materials belonging to PSiNLP, AZ Seminars Inc (AZ), Neuro-Energetics(NE) and/or GWiz Learning (GWiz) to supplement my own booklets and manuals and as long as I copy the page in its entirety and retain all copyrights. If I change the content substantially, I understand that I do not need to retain the aforementioned copyrights.

13. Full Manuals and Products: I will not duplicate or allow the duplication of PSiNLP, AZ, NE or GWiz’s copyrighted materials, including manuals, booklets, audiotapes, CDs, DVDs, and MP3s. I further agree that any purchase of PSiNLP, AZ, NE or GWiz’s manuals, booklets, audiotapes, CDs, DVDs and MP3s products is for my personal use or as a single product for re-sale. I am not authorized to duplicate manuals or products for my own re-sale.

Manuals and products must be purchased directly from the owner/developer of the product. NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner manuals may not be duplicated in their entirety, but are available for purchase as a hard copy or on disc. The NLP Trainer’s Training manual may not be duplicated and is not currently for sale.In the case of documented unauthorized duplication or copyright violation, I agree that PSiNLP shall have the right to revoke my NLP Trainer and PSiNLP Trainer certificates.

14. I will not certify individuals who demonstrate a clear unwillingness to agree to the spirit of the aforementioned.

NOTE: This is a sample agreement and subject to change.