What should I do to prepare for NLP Trainer’s Training?

Contact our office and register for Trainer’s Training and the Certification/Evaluation. AFTER ENROLLING, YOU WILL RECEIVE A DETAILED CONFIRMATION LETTER. HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS:

How to become a Trainer’s Training Superstar!!!!

Review your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner materials. You should know all of the standard, traditional NLP information that is cited in the ABNLP and/or ANLP guidelines.

prepareListen to the Neuro-Energetics’ or The GWiz Learning Partnership’s NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner MP3’s to master the content which you will be using as the basis of your presentations.

The area of greatest concern over the years of doing Trainer’s Training (which has actually kept some people from being certified), is their lack of content knowledge. Many people comprehend NLP well while sitting in class taking NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner training; however, the level of knowledge required to stand up and teach NLP while doing several other multi-level tasks is quite different from sitting in class and absorbing the material.

To support your success, you may purchase these MP3’s at a discounted seminar price. If you are coming to Trainer’s Training with a group, you may purchase the MP3’s and share them with one another (sorry no duplicating allowed).
Our intention is not to sell our products but to have Trainers who have fully integrated the content prior to arriving at NLP Trainer’s Training. The purpose of Trainer’s Training is to develop excellence in your presentation skills, not to learn the basic NLP skills during the training. We presuppose that you know the techniques when you arrive and that our job is to assist you in refining them.

The “NLP Practitioner Field Manual and Study Guide” is also available at a discounted seminar price. This is a mini-manual, which includes all of the NLP Practitioner techniques in alphabetical order with graphics and a separate study guide, for reviewing NLP content for the NLP Trainer’s Training Test.

The best use of your time before NLP Trainer’s Training would be to pick two NLP topics, listen to these segments on MP3 and outline them thoroughly. Then present them one-on-one or in a group setting to hear yourself present the material and get a feel for its chunking and sequencing. For the best results at NLP Trainer’s Training, present the material as if the listener has NO previous knowledge of NLP.

If you have the time, review or assist at a NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Master Practitioner Training.

If you do not have the time to attend a live training, you may want to contact one of the Intrinsic NLP trainers and join a study group to prepare for NLP Trainer’s Training.

Are there NLP Trainer’s Training MP3’s available?

Yes, there are. They are available for you to listen to before the training so you have a sense of what NLP Trainer’s Training is really like. You can then listen to them after the training to enhance your understanding and skills. They are available to you at a discounted seminar price when you enroll in NLP Trainer’s Training.

What resources should I bring to NLP Trainer’s Training?

Bring your NLP resource materials (audiotapes, books, manuals, CD’s and notes from NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner) with you to the training. They will make preparing the presentations and studying for the evaluation a lot easier!

Is there anything I need to send to PsiNLP prior to the training?

Please mail or fax us a copy (no originals, please) of both your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certificates prior to the training. We need these before we present you with your NLP and iNLP Trainer Certificates. If you are reviewing NLP Trainer’s Training then we need you to send us a copy of your certificate so we can give you the reviewer’s rate of 50% off of the training segment. This is only available to Certified NLP Trainers who provide approved documentation prior to early registration. (No discount is given for the Certification and Evaluation.)