Why do people do NLP Trainer’s Training?

JoeLet’s start with why I did the NLP Trainer’s Training course…


I had already been a corporate trainer for over ten years, so my reason was not: “How to be a trainer”! I did, however, want to be a better trainer and thought it would be good to get some quality feedback on what I was doing well and what I could improve. I liked the tools and concepts of NLP and I wanted to ‘learn & do’ some more!


My main reason at that time was to qualify as an NLP trainer so I could then run Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses and qualify others along with Melody, who had qualified the previous year. It meant we could run the courses together. I then did Trainer’s Training again (with Melody) to change schools as we found another set of trainers who aligned more to our values and ethics.


What interested me on both courses was why others wanted to do NLP Trainer’s Training (and most of the answers were different to mine!). Here are some of their reasons:


  • To have (or develop) the confidence to present and be a presenter
  • To overcome any fears they had about presenting/being on stage/being centre of attention or being looked at
  • To be more confident at work (e.g. speaking up in meetings, volunteering to present to senior managers)
  • To learn ‘platform skills’ – to become a ‘world class’ trainer/speaker
  • To be a more credible trainer/presenter
  • To become a better coach and to give feedback more elegantly
  • To have some fun!
  • To be a more engaging speaker
  • To challenge, develop and stretch themselves
  • To learn more NLP tools and techniques
  • To apply NLP to being a presenter/trainer
  • To complete the trilogy of official NLP courses (they saw Trainer’s Training as part 3 of a series that began with Practitioner and Master Practitioner as parts 1 & 2)
  • To run NLP courses & to develop their business
  • To test their skills and knowledge of NLP
  • To one day become a Master Trainer of NLP!


So when you begin to think about it, what might your reasons be?