Why train for your NLP Trainer’s Training Certification with us?

What surprises most people the most when they attend our NLP Trainer’s Training is the amount of personal development they experience.

Our NLP Trainer’s Training is more than a training course, it is the start of a journey. We feel it is important to form a real connection with our students and support them beyond the course as they begin to apply their learning.

Many of our students return to assist and as we prepare the launch of our NLP Master Trainer programme this support will be extended more formally.

We invite you to join us this summer and discover what the next step in your journey looks like, whether it is to become an NLP Trainer or perhaps even more importantly to access your next level of transformation. Are you ready to double the curiosity?

If you would like to find out what a couple of our past NLP Trainer’s Training students have to say click on the link below:


Why take NLP Trainer’s Training?


  1. To become a GREAT PRESENTER and develop your mastery with groups, which BTW makes working with individuals and small groups so much easier after NLP Trainer’s Training. Some of our students take TT only and wait for Certification until a later date. You are invited to do it any way that it supports your learning, excellence and confidence in working with others
  2. Become a certified NLP Trainer and join the ranks of the gifted NLP Trainers who taught and inspired you throughout your NLP Career. Consider this… who are the future students who you will both inspire and assist in changing their lives?
  3. For many this is the next piece in the puzzle, taking your NLP knowledge and skills to a NEW level. Many people experience some of their biggest “ah ha” moments on Trainer’s Training leading to major personal breakthroughs.
  4. Improve your ability to deliver presentations, facilitate workshops and project a positive and powerful image along with deepening your self-confidence.
  5. Gain certification that will allow you to run NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training courses elegantly and effortlessly, along with Hypnosis Trainings (as eligible).
  6. Meet and connect with other amazing Trainers.
  7. Have fun—lots of fun—entertaining, educating and inspiring others!

Here’s some reasons to choose our NLP Trainer’s Training in 2017:

What do we offer that makes choosing our programme the right choice for you?


Meet the PSiNLP Master Trainers, Julie Silverthorn, Joe Cheal and Melody Cheal


  1. Julie Silverthorn, US Master Trainer, has been involved in developing and delivering NLP Trainer’s Training for over twenty years.
  2. Melody and Joe Cheal, UK Master Trainers, are leading the way in raising the credibility of NLP worldwide. They were both invited onto the International Research Conference Committee after presenting papers on their own NLP research at previous conferences.
  3. All three trainers have Masters Degrees in Psychology as well as extensive NLP experience. This means we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme from other fields.
  4. Our approach is Humanistic and Person Centred, our interest is in helping people reach their full potential.
  5. For students wishing to engage before the official course date we offer Master Classes and an on-line community.
  6. We provide three NLP Trainer’s Training Certifications: NLP, ANLP and PSiNLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer’s Training Certification.
  7. All our students receive personal attention and high level feedback during the programme directly from our three Master Trainers.
  8. We believe learning is more likely to occur when we are in positive states, so while challenging; our programme is designed to be fun and high energy.
  9. Beyond the programme our students receive ongoing support and mentoring.